What do Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) do?

Being an EMT means constant change, being ready at the go, and being prepared for anything. You’re trained to be the best. To know what to do in every situation. In every emergency. 

The daily life of an EMT starts with checking in at the base. Ensuring the rig is stocked and ready to go. Because when 911 calls come in, you’re the one that answers them. You’re the first in line. The one who sets the tone for everything that’s to come. Once the rig is set, it's go time.

While you wait for calls to come in, you spend your time building rapport with your partner. 

If someone, were to ask, "What does a day in the life of an EMT look like?". The answer is, every day is different because every call is a new call. Every person has a different issue. Everybody needs help. And that’s why you’re an EMT. 

A typical day for an EMT varies.  An EMT responds to 911 calls for emergencies, medical assistance.  They could provide CPR, bandage a wound, help with transfers to the hospital. They arrive at a call, assess the situation, and give lifesaving care.  They are the first line of care in an emergency situation. 

Every day there’s some new challenge. EMTs are looking to make a difference. To challenge the norm. To run towards danger. 

Being an EMT means being at the ready for any situation. Prepared to spring to action no matter the problem.


Ready To Spring to Action