What should I wear to class?

It depends if you are attending one of our programs we have a uniform policy outlined below. If you are just attending a one day class it's a good idea to wear something comfortable for doing CPR in.


Students will wear a Life Safety Institute LLC approved uniform for all clinical and field internships. Students shall not wear uniforms with markings of other services or affiliations while participating in a Life Safety Institute LLC clinical or field internship.

The Life Safety Institute LLC approved uniform consists of a Life Safety Institute LLC issued shirt, navy/black pants without holes (NO JEANS), black belt, and black boots or shoes. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and clothing must be generally clean and wrinkle-free. Boots or shoes must be laced or zipped at all times. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene habits at all times. Perfume, cologne, aftershave, body lotions or powders should not have a strong scent due to patients and employees with sensitivities.