Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

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  • EMT Job Growth is UNLIMITED. Becoming a certified EMT can be its own career but also a very good place to start a career in healthcare! Some EMTs continue their education to become paramedics, nurses, firefighters, or other careers in medicine.
  • Helping People. Becoming an EMT means you get to help people every day. It's a rewarding and exciting job! 
  • Every Day is Different. As an EMT every call is something new and a chance to save a life. You get called to all different locations, helping all types of people, and handle all sorts of emergencies.
  • EMT Jobs Are in High Demand. Medical and trauma calls happen every day, in unexpected places, and at unexpected times. EMTs are always on call and ready to help.
  • EMT Certification Gets You Into the Field QUICKLY. Becoming an EMT is a FANTASTIC way to quickly get into the medical field. EMT certification takes less time than other medical professions so you can quickly start your career! 

If you're looking for a dynamic career with massive growth potential and you're passionate about helping people, you're looking to be an EMT

Becoming a certified EMT means every day is dynamic and interesting. Every call is something new and a chance to save a life. 

As a certified EMT your career opportunities are endless. EMTs work on ambulances, as firefighters, even on Ski Patrol. 

Life Safety students learn about anatomy & physiology, CPR, splinting & bandaging, patient assessments, and much much more. 

Are you ready to make a difference and be prepared to save a life? Enroll now for our upcoming classe. You could be certified and in the field faster than you realize.

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This program takes 150-190 hours and follows the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards.


Clinical Eligibility

Successful completion of this program requires clinical hours and skills.

Clinical sites set their own entrance requirements; most clinical sites require:

  • A clean background check
  • Flu vaccine
  • A COVID-19 vaccine
  • Negative 2 step Tuberculin Skin Test or health care provider documentation medical clearance
  • Completed Hepatitis B immunization series with laboratory confirmed positive antibody or signed waiver
  • Varicella immunity: documentation of 2 vaccine doses, lab confirmed immunity, or health care provider diagnosis of disease
  • Rubeola immunity: documentation of 2 vaccine doses  or lab confirmed immunity
  • Mumps immunity: documentation of 2 vaccine doses or lab confirmed immunity
  • Pertussis vaccine (e.g. documentation of single dose Tdap or Dtap)