Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions relating to our risk-free process and how we serve you.

Not much! Just click the blue start learning button and complete the easy form. We'll be in touch from there, to discover your needs, register your students, and schedule a skills check.
We will email your invoice when we process student eCertificates. You may mail a check, pay on the day or use a credit card.
NET 30, invoiced after training is complete. We accept all major credit cards and business checks.


Questions about our training offerings.

Yes, we require at least six students to run a course. If you can't get six students we can work with you to get another organization to attend and invoice them separatly.
Blended learning means some of the training is online and some is hands-on, in person. This is great for the company because the employee can do most of the training on their own time and the hands-on, skills assessment that is necessary in person is done at your site and ensures the staff member is really ready for an emergency.
We offer on-site in person, online, and a blended training format. Most employers prefer blended training for CPR/AED/First Aid as your employees can train online at their own pace on their own time. Then receive a skills check and have any questions answered in person. We teach Pro Trainings and American Heart Association.


Questions about the certificates we issue.

Many times it's the same day, but definitely within 1 business day.
Two years.
Yes. Our CPR/AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support(BLS), BLAST! Babysitter Lesson and Safety Training, Stop the Bleed are all nationally and internationally recognized. Our (Live) Fire Extinguisher training meets OSHA requirements for employers to provide fire extinguisher training to all employees.
Yes. There is no difference between our blended and instructor led classes as far as certificate acceptance.


Questions about clients we serve.

Our services are tailored to businesses. Trainings are tailored to organizations that have groups of students needing certification. By law, medical professionals have to be certified every 2 years. This includes: doctor's offices, fire departments, dentist's offices, physical therapy, assisted living staff, schools, even students in NH are required to have CPR certification to graduate high school.
Students will be provided with all the learning materials they need. Students are encouraged to bring pen/paper to take notes, however it is not required.