CPR/AED Training and Service Program in New Hampshire

Introducing Life Safety Institute's comprehensive CPR and AED Training Program, tailored specifically for organizations in New Hampshire. For an affordable $99/month, we provide your organization with a top-of-the-line, FDA-approved AED, ensuring it remains inspected and well-stocked with essential supplies. Our annual training sessions are not just generic; we teach CPR & AED skills using the actual AED located at your facility. During these sessions, we'll also service your AED to ensure it's in perfect working condition. Each training course accommodates up to 12 participants, and if you need to schedule additional courses, we offer them at a 35% discount. With our program, your staff won't just learn life-saving skills—they'll learn how to maintain and operate your specific AED equipment, ensuring readiness and effectiveness in any emergency.

The mission of Life Safety Institute is to save lives with education by providing equitable access to collaborative, engaging, and passionate medical education.


  • $99/Month (Annual Plan)


  • FDA Approved Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
  • AED & CPR Instruction Guide
  • CPR Rescue Kit
  • Adult AED Pads
  • AED Wall Mount (if desired)


  • Annual AED Inspection (At time of CPR training)
  • Monthly Inspection Report Card
  • Staff training on AED inspection (At time of AED installation and CPR training)
  • Annual ILCOR compliant CPR & AED Training
    • During training you will practice with a trainer version of your AED
    • During training your staff will be familiarized with your AED
    • During training your staff will learn how to inspect your AED

Each plan includes one on-site CPR & AED training for up-to 12 learners. Additional courses may be scheduled for a 35% discount.

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