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Life Safety Institute: Comprehensive On-Site Training for CPR, First Aid, EMT, and EMS Continuing Education in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the need for professional and comprehensive training in life-saving skills has never been more critical. Life Safety Institute (LSI), based in New Hampshire, stands as a leader in this essential service, offering top-tier fire and life safety training that complies with all state and federal requirements.

Life Safety Institute extends its commitment to saving lives by traveling across New Hampshire and New England, providing hands-on CPR and First Aid training to individuals and organizations; learn more about our extensive services on our New Hampshire CPR page.

Guided by New Hampshire's own Drew Toma, an experienced and nationally registered paramedic, Life Safety Institute has become a prominent training facility in the state. Here's a detailed look at the array of services provided by LSI in New Hampshire:

Customized Training Services in New Hampshire

Life Safety Institute caters to the unique training needs of companies across New Hampshire. The offered certifications include:

  • CPR/AED: Training that equips New Hampshire residents with vital skills to handle cardiac emergencies.
  • First Aid: Comprehensive instruction in immediate care, tailored to common emergencies in New Hampshire.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS): Targeted at healthcare providers in New Hampshire, offering a professional level of CPR.
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) & Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support (PALS): Specialized courses focusing on adult and pediatric resuscitation.

Quality Instructors in New Hampshire

LSI’s New Hampshire-based instructors are experienced, patient, and thorough, enriching the learning experience with their real-world knowledge.

Blended Training Approach in New Hampshire

Life Safety Institute's innovative on-site and blended training model is achieving success throughout New Hampshire:

  • Online Learning: Tailored to New Hampshire's workforce, allowing flexibility.
  • In-Person Assessment: Skill evaluations conveniently scheduled across New Hampshire locations.
  • Same-Day Certification: A swift and efficient process for New Hampshire's professionals.

AHA Instructor Training and Alignment in New Hampshire

LSI offers AHA instructor training in New Hampshire, allowing organizations to align with LSI as a local training site.

Emphasis on Practical Skills in New Hampshire

With a focus on hands-on practice, LSI ensures that New Hampshire's trainees are equipped to handle real-life emergencies.

Compliance with New Hampshire Regulations

All programs are designed to meet New Hampshire's state and federal legal requirements.

Target Audience and Industry Application in New Hampshire

LSI's training programs cater to a broad array of sectors within New Hampshire, including healthcare, education, corporate, and public services.

Future Directions and Continuous Improvement in New Hampshire

With a commitment to continuous improvement, Life Safety Institute stays ahead of New Hampshire's industry trends and needs.


Life Safety Institute's dedication to offering exceptional, tailored, and innovative life safety training sets it apart as a leading institution in New Hampshire. Whether it's on-site training in CPR, First Aid, EMT, or EMS continuing education, Life Safety Institute is New Hampshire's solution for organizations seeking the highest standards in life safety education.