Tuition Assistance

Easy Tuition Financing

Discover how Life Safety Institute offers flexible financing options through partnerships with Affirm and Klarna, allowing students to divide tuition payments into manageable installments. Start your EMS training journey stress-free: Read more.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Our EMT program is the first NH WIOA approved EMT education program! The best way to get back into the workforce is through Life Safety Institute's EMT program. Entering or re-entering the workforce after underemployment or unemployment is now possible with our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) approval. Life Safety Institute has the first NH-approved WIOA EMT program! This means eligible prospective students may have part of all of their EMT program tuition paid for via grant funds. This wonderful opportunity is provided by NH Office of Workplace Opportunity.

NH JAG (Jobs for America's Grads)

This program is designed to help assist low-income adults ages 16 to 24 secure employment by providing training opportunities. To learn more and see if you qualify for tuition assistance through NH JAG, call (603) 647-2300. NH-JAG.


Eligibility for WIOA does vary so you're encouraged to reach out to your local NH Works office to discuss your specific situation. We suggest you call them prior to visiting in person.

Your may be eligible for WIOA if:

  • You have been recently laid-off or terminated

  • You are unemployed

  • You are employed and your income is below the self-sufficiency guidelines (based on family size – see the table below)

  • You are collecting Food Stamps or TANF

  • You are a displaced homemaker

How to Apply

A WIOA Employment Counselor will help you get started on your application process. You can schedule an appointment by calling the local office, which is typically open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
The first step is scheduling a meeting with one of these specialists! They've got offices all over New Hampshire so make sure that whichever location works best for you gets in touch immediately at (603) 228-4100.