AHA BLS Instructor Training

  • Enjoy rewarding professional growth as an AHA Instructor.

  • Certification is easy with our attentive approach.

  • Get immediate access to the AHA Instructor Community upon certification.

  • A great way to reduce in-house training costs for businesses that provide BLS and CPR training to their employees.

  • Serve your community AND make extra money by teaching the highest quality BLS & CPR courses.

Are you a physician, nurse, or EMT? Want to experience challenging and rewarding professional growth? You've found the right place.

Starting today, you can start the process to become an AHA Instructor.

In our instructor course, we prepare you to teach Basic Life Support as a BLS Instructor AND CPR Instructor in both instructor-led and blended formats and cover the core and discipline-specific content you need to teach AHA courses in your community.

If you are passionate about saving lives and teaching others to do so, get started now. 

AHA is the largest organization in the world that deals with cardiovascular issues and is one of the 7 Associations that are part of ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) and promoter of the guidelines that are updated and disseminated every 5 years.

What prerequisites do you need to have?

In addition to AHA provider certification at your desired level. The AHA requires you to complete an essential online instructor program by discipline in order to qualify for the AHA instructor training course.

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.