Southern New Hampshire University Partnership

  • Tuition Discount -- SNHU offers affordable, accessible educational programming to meet all your educational needs. We have instructor-led online classes in over 200 programs through a course-based model. At our current rate, tuition for SNHU's online degree programs is $891 per course for undergraduate and $1720 per course for graduate programs, which reflects a 10% discount with no set class times for students to have the flexibility to study around work, family, and life schedules.

  • Who Is Eligible? -- All employees and their families.  SNHU defines family members as spouse/domestic partner, children, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings, as well as all of their spouses. 

  • Online Program Finder -- Peruse and choose from more than 200 online programs through our Program Finder here: or visit our online degrees page:

  • Student Facing Landing Page - As an SNHU partner, you can be found on the company dropdown list on our self-service partner landing page, which can be shared with employees and their family members.  This is a great place for learners to read about the benefits of attending SNHU, compare various degree programs, request additional information, or speak with a member of our Admission team. The link to our partner landing page can be found here:  

  • Existing Student Discount Application form - If there are employees or family members who are currently enrolled at SNHU, they can apply for your partner discount by visiting the following link:

  • All of the transfer credit options (up to 45 credits toward an associate degree and up to 90 credits toward a bachelor's degree) can be found here:

  • A list of previous work and life experiences that could qualify for college credit can be found here: