How to become a firefighter in New Hampshire?

Your First Step To Starting an Exciting Career as a Firefighter!

Get the Tools You Need to Get Started as a Volunteer, Part, or Fulltime Firefighter

Becoming a firefighter can be one of the most fulfilling and incredible life choices a person can make. Every day is unique and the joy of helping others is the most rewarding feeling.

But, getting started can also be one of the most challenging things a person can do.

Firefighting is Amongst the Most Competitive of Careers

Since 80% of firefighters are part-time and volunteer, becoming one of the 20% of full-time firefighters can be extremely challenging!

Most people can easily pass some of the requirements such as age, background check, GED, and the CPAT state entrance exam, but the oral interview and certifications tend to trip people up quite a bit!

Most people are unaware that the majority of fire departments will not even grant an interview without the applicant first obtaining a National Registry EMT certification such as:

We Specialize in Helping You Stand Above the Crowd!

Apply with Confidence and Rock Your Interview

Not only can we help you get the certifications you need to get an interview, but our classes are taught by people who have walked the walk! We encourage people to ask our EXPERIENCED instructor questions about what it is like to be a firefighter or EMT. Our instructors often coach applicants through the grueling process of becoming a firefighter, giving our students an edge above the rest!

Our Certification Courses Help You Get AHEAD

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Shift from average citizen to the vital world of First Responders.

Be Prepared!

Feel prepared knowing lifesaving skills! These skills can help you get a career in fire service but they can also help you in real life! Feel like a better-prepared neighbor, parent, and Samaritan after our courses!

Enrich Your Career

Show them you are SERIOUS about your future as a firefighter or EMT.

Learn From The Best

Learn from experienced EMS providers and instructors who have actually been in the field. They can answer any questions you may have about the lengthy process of joining and advancing in the fire service.

Get to the Interview Stage

Some departments will not even interview without an Emergency Medical Services certification and basic life support knowledge.

Unlimited Growth

Use our certifications as a career on their own or to join or advance a career as a firefighter.

Our Goal is To Help You Reach Your Goals!

Emergency Medical Technician Course (150-190 Hours)

Learn More and Schedule Your EMT Program

Basic Life Support (2 Year Certification)

Learn More and Schedule a BLS Class

Are You Ready to Join the Ranks of the First Responders?

Start by becoming an EMT!

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