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Adult / Child / Infant - CPR & First Aid
  • Learn using the most current 2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC)

  • Prepare to recognize, assist and manage breathing and cardiac emergencies and become familiar with CPR and ECC including the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • Breathe for someone else—learn how to properly assist a patient with breathing using pocket and bag valve masks to perform emergency rescue breaths.

  • Practice all techniques for adults, children, and infants including 1 person CPR, conscious choking, unconscious choking, AED, and First Aid.

  • Discover appropriate first aid skills such as placing a person in the correct position to breathe freely, what to do when someone has other conditions such as bleeding, breaks, burns, or bites.

Most situations that require First Aid or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) occur outside of a medical setting. If something happened to the person next to you, would you know what to do? First Aid and CPR, when administered effectively and immediately saves lives.  

Whether it is for the workplace or individual needs, Life Safety Institute provides a full range of best practice certified first aid training. 

This course will give participants confidence and skills in how to provide first aid response, life support including CPR, Defibrillation, and management of the patient(s) until the arrival of medical or other assistance. 

The First Aid component covers the steps taken to help an injured or sick person in the first minutes after an illness or injury. Accidents and illness can happen to anyone at any time, whether at home, at work, or out hiking. Knowing first aid means you can help someone feel better, recover more quickly, and save a life. First aid is used in many different situations, from simple sprains, cuts, and bites to major emergencies such as choking, electrical shock, or heart attacks.

The techniques you learn and practice will cover adult, child, and infant skills in 1 person CPR, conscious choking, unconscious choking, AED, and First Aid. Having relevant and up-to-date CPR and First Aid skills means you’ll be ready anytime, anywhere. 

Our First Aid training courses are suitable for workplaces including child care providers and include adult and/or pediatric CPR/AED training. Our training adheres to OSHA guidelines for First Aid training with CPR and AED training as an element.

 Are you ready to save a life?


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