CPR Training in Keene

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CPR Training in Keene, New Hampshire

Life Safety Institute in Keene: A Commitment to Life-Saving Skills

Nestled in the Monadnock Region, Keene, New Hampshire, is known for its beautiful surroundings, vibrant community, and now, a strong commitment to safety and well-being. Life Safety Institute (LSI) is proud to bring the American Heart Association's renowned training programs in Adult/Child/Infant - CPR & First Aid, First Aid, and Basic Life Support (BLS) to this historic city.

Adult/Child/Infant - CPR & First Aid Training

LSI's comprehensive and accessible CPR & First Aid training offers the following:

  • Universal Skills: Training covers CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants.
  • First Aid Knowledge: From wound care to sudden illness management, learn it all.
  • AED Mastery: Understand Automated External Defibrillator operation.
  • Flexible Options: Both on-site and online training available in Keene.

First Aid Training in Keene, NH

First Aid training at LSI in Keene offers:

  • Medical Emergency Preparedness: Identifying and acting upon various medical emergencies.
  • Injury Management: From minor cuts to major injuries, be prepared.
  • All-Age Care: Specialized care techniques for different age groups.

BLS Training: A Focus on Healthcare Professionals

LSI's BLS training in Keene provides:

  • Advanced Life-Saving Skills: Including rescue breathing and team dynamics.
  • Equipment Training: Experience with professional tools like bag-valve masks.
  • AHA Certification Preparation: Essential skills for AHA certification.

Why Keene Chooses Life Safety Institute

Experience Matters

LSI's team of seasoned professionals brings real-world insights, making training valuable and relatable.

Community-Centered Approach

Our strong connection to Keene's community is reflected in local engagements and tailored training solutions.

Customized Training

Whether in-person in Keene or online, we offer classes that fit individual needs.

A Safe Keene is a Better Keene

With LSI's presence, Keene is becoming a safer community where every citizen is a potential lifesaver. It's more than just a set of skills; it's a way of life, a culture of readiness, and a shared responsibility.

Quality Assurance and Compliance in Keene, NH

LSI in Keene adheres to the highest quality standards:

  • High Standards: Meeting and exceeding American Heart Association's guidelines.
  • Practical Application: Bringing real-life scenarios into training for hands-on learning.
  • Tailored Training Solutions: Whether it's on-site in Keene or online, LSI offers courses that fit your needs.

Join the Life-Saving Movement in Keene

Life Safety Institute's mission in Keene is to empower every individual to act confidently and effectively in emergency situations. It's about transforming a community into a stronghold of safety and care.

Keene's picturesque streets are not just pathways to historical landmarks and beautiful parks; they are now pathways to a community that values life and safety above all else. Be a part of this noble cause. Partner with Life Safety Institute today.


Life Safety Institute's presence in Keene, New Hampshire, is not just a service; it's a partnership with the community, a shared commitment to safety, well-being, and quality of life.

Our training programs in CPR & First Aid, First Aid, and BLS are more than classes. They are life lessons, they are empowerment, and they are community building.

Join us in making Keene a place where safety is not an option but a way of life. Book your training in Keene, New Hampshire today, and take a step towards a safer tomorrow.