How to become an EMT?

Becoming an EMT may at first appear daunting. While there are numerous steps that must be completed in order we have the experience to guide our students through the process. Your process to becoming and EMT will happen in small methodical steps. You won't be overloaded with a to-do list but given each step as you progress. If you choose Life Safety Institute your only concern needs to be eligibility, applying, and completing all assignments with good attendance. We guide you through the rest.

1) Eligibility

EMTs must be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or GED. EMTs also must pass a background check.

2) Training

Knowing you're eligible to become an EMT and interested in making the jump you must apply, attend, and graduate a state approved EMT program. Life Safety Institute LLC offers state approved EMT programs. Training formats and lengths vary but all must be state approved and meet or exceed the national curriculum. More information on specific program details can be found here.

3) National Certification Tests

Once graduated from an EMT program you must pass a national cognitive (written) test. This is administered by the national registry of EMTs by Pearson Vue. You must also pass a psychomotor (practical) exam moderated by the State.

4) State Licensure

Once you complete steps 1-3 you will be a nationally certified EMT. With your national certification in hand you must complete a state application which gets you your state license!

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